Complaint procedure

Are you not satisfied with the care provided by our practice and would you like to express this?

To do our work properly it is important that you trust us and that you feel free to share your opinion with us.
In case you have not been satisfied with a contact with our practice please let us know so we can discuss this with you and learn from it.

In case you are dissatisfied we ask you to indicate this to one of our team members. If it is discomforting for you to do this in person or by phone then you can use our complaint form.
After receiving your complaint one of our general practicioners wil take care of it. The general practicioner or another member of the practice might call you in case the complaint is not yet completely clear to us.
We will respond to your complaint by phone or in a personal meeting.

It has our preference to converse with you about a solution to your complaint which works for both of us.
If this is difficult for you or in case we can not come to an agreement, then you can discuss your complaint with an independent and impartial complaints officer. Everything you tell the complaints officer is confidential. The officer will work with you towards a solution and can try to mediate between the parties.
The complaints officer can be reached through the complaint form on the website from the skge or by phone at number 088 0229190.

When you can not come to a satisfying agreement with your general practicioner and mediation from the complaints officer, you can request a verdict about your complaint by the disputes body for general practicioners care. This independent body consists of a chairman (jurist), members on behalf of the patients and members on behalf of the general practicioners. The disputes body is assisted by a secretary who is also a jurist.
The verdict from the disputes body is binding. More information is available on the website from the skge.